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The facility will soon have its grand opening.
Please stay tuned for more.

The logomark

At the entrance to the Rest Information Center, which is located at the roadside station center, a façade representing the shape of the arrow, derived from its name, is placed as a symbol of the roadside station.
The design of this symbolic façade was used as a motif to share with the mark.
This mark represents the “three arrows” that stretch out into the blue sky and symbolizes the beautiful mountains of Akitakada and the greenery of countryside.
The color scheme is based on a soothing green color, and the sub-color is red, which is an image of people's passion.
The color scheme is yellow to represent ears of rice that have ripe, and blue to represent the "Gonokawa River" of my hometown.

Origin of the name

The name "Mitsuya" in Mitsuyanosato comes from the words "Sanshi-no-Oshie" (three arrows) written by the warlord Mori Motonari, who instructed his three children to work together.
It expresses the determination of the citizens, the government, and the private sector, who are responsible for the development of the region, to work together and unite to make the entire roadside station more exciting.
Opened as a place to take a break and learn about the charm of the area, including a fresh produce market and restaurants.